Written by: Anonymous

After I rescued Hercules, I went and talked to the king of the nearby kingdom about the possibility of going again. When Hercules asked how long it would take, the king laughed so hard that he lost a shoe on which he was playing. He said he would give Hercules a "golden cage" if he agreed. Hercules agreed for an undisclosed loan. We went to a place known as the Green Mountain Cave, and spent the night. Hercules was the first time I'd laid a hand on him, and that is where the story begins. Hercules was one sick, tortured, tortured, tortured soul. His whole body was stretched, his cock sucked, his balls were cuffed so rough that the balls had to be reamed. His cock was also cuffed so tight that it could not be used as it is now. The cage was filled with stones, and we started to play right there.

After a short break, we started to work. All the while, Hercules was sick with the desire to fuck. The fact that he needed, and got, a cage was nothing to be ashamed of.

After awhile, Hercules came in and started to be on top of me while I did the work. I was rewarded. The other boys laughed, as they heard the sound each time that Hercules fucked right there.

The next morning, Hercules woke up and asked if I wanted to get dressed naked for him. I gladly agreed. While he got dressed, I was told I'd have to clean up the place. He went out and came to my thorough satisfaction. After he came back, I told Hercules that he was very naughty, he enjoyed having me undressed, and enjoyed fucking me. The young man started to groan, and I knew for sure that he was going to be pleased when Hercules started to play out a little. I put my hands on the cage floor, and he started to stroke the cage bars. His cock was as hard as a rock, and he started to rock as he got hard. I smiled, and had him try to come to me. I had him stroke my cock, and told him what I wanted. I then proceeded to fuck him until he came. Hercules said that he really enjoyed the feeling of the cock being in his hand, and I didn't stop, and had him come for about ten minutes. I was happy to get in again, and be able to fuck him without having to pull the cock away. Once again, I felt the man's cock in my hands. When he got hard again, I was rewarded with a spanking. Now, I was sure that I would fuck him, regardless of the pain.