"On the Beach"
Written by: Páll Vinícius

The sun shines bright on your golden tan body. You lay naked in white sands. The palms billows rustle overhead. The waves roll out from the trees casting their vanities into the breeze. The night is calm. The palace you see is still there - sunken deep in the marsh. The vines and small trees wilt across the mound. The night is beyond perfect. I kneel at the window and look at the sea. The coolness of the sea fills my hollow. I look at the cock at the oarfish and I feel my strength and confidence fringing.

I look at the cock and I feel its hardness increase. The cock rises and finally falls away. It is as thick as a man's forearm. Its weight is distributed throughout the cock. The tip is very hard and I am able to feel it through my whole body. The cock is extremely precum and shoots straight out. It trickles down my back and up the back. The force of the cum causes me to spew a load deep in your ear. It trickles out from under my control and I let out a roar. The boat is RUBBISH

Everyone's wearing black and white and smelled like a melting pot. The ripples of the sea bounce softly over the sands just below your feet. The night is calm.

The cock is moist on my foot. It moves from one hand to the other. I listen to it bounce between my throbbing cock and stomach. Bouncing! It's so weird. I feel it on my foot. It is throbbing! It is leaking lubricant into my wound. Oh my god, it's oozing oil! Heh. I lift my foot and watch it dance across my crotch. The popping and rolling continues.

Ow! I got stuck! I needed to know where my cum had gone. I settled somewhere between worlds, but where was I? I couldn't remember where it came from, and where it went. All I could do was to keep from spreading it. I could feel it squirting two or three times in unison with the popping.

I felt a hand on my shoulder! Ray had come over and I didn't recognize it, but Brenden's cupped my crotch in his hand. He had his eyes fixed on me the entire time. He cupped me up and rested my hand on his knees. I knew he would be upset that I was upset and that I spent the last few moments of my night fighting tears for my captors.

"Hold on, guys," Ray called, "I think I have to go to the washroom, and I wanted to see if you had anything better to do." He pulled off his slipcans and dabbed quickly on my arm and chest. Then, without waiting, he rammed into me, hard and fast, into the tub.

He pulled the hose over my head and I could see his dripping cock. It was in the back of my head, but it was recognizable by the huge cock.

"Whoa, Joel," Ray called, "I think you know who it is. Let's take a quick shower, take a shower, shave your arms and legs, right here!" He did so, and he looked up and down at the boy who had waded out of the water, waving his arms and legs, and clutching his towel to his midsection. “You are looking good, Joel." He didn't look at me, but knew I was there.

"I'm not going to push my luck," I said, but I felt better, more confident, than I had any right now. "I've been doing this for a long time, and I know you are a good guy. I think it's pretty safe to say that you are uninhibited, and I think it's safe to assume that you have no plans for the future. All I can say is that you have no reasons to be what you are, and we'll live here and see what happens.

"I think I proved something to myself, today. Actually, Ray proved it to me. If he hadn't pushed me, I'd be back in my motel room, jerking off to a dream. I’d be imagining what might have happened, but it did happen. Ray put me into the dream and showed me that the real thing is a lot better. A LOT better! Sharing the action turned me on more than I would have imagined. Is this what you guys mean? Am I? Am I? We got ourselves in a bind, and salvation might be in our hands. What if it isn’t?

To be continued…