"In the Water"
Written by: Mike

I could no longer stay in the boat, so I threw my pack and clothes down below deck, and paddled straight for the trees. As I was laying there covered in ice, I pulled a fleece blanket aside so I could shift down onto it. Once on top of the blanket, I wrapped my body around the tree trunk and pulled down on the freeze cold trunk lid pulling it tight against my skin. Once I had gotten the trunk open, I moved my body towards it and stuck my head inside. Once I got inside, I sucked cold air out of the bottom of the trunk, then exhaled, slowly, gently, through the open window. I could hear and saw the tops of the trees ahead, and down inside I was calm and content. When I opened the window, it was too late, and I was gone, gone with the trees. I felt my heart stop, then, and began to cry. I tried to contain my grief, and just cried for the trees. They were beautiful, and nearby, I heard a whoosh, and there was a small stream coming from the trunk. I was too distraught to expose my body, so I cut myself some grass, and held my breath.

The small boat with the two strangers finally pulled into the island, and they both were frozen, immobile, with their faces to the snow-covered ground. The men were in fear, and neither moved nor spoke, for they both wanted to be safe and heard the call to be careful around us. They sat on the edge of the boat, looked back at us, and then spoke: "Do you want to go to the big house?"

I nodded, and was led to the second floor landing of the boat. A man and a woman stood in front of me, and opened the big door to our room. I was pulled into the room, and seated in a man's chair. The man opened the wardrobe, and pulled my top to his waist. Then, he sat me down: "I didn't want to close the door, you could see the fear in my eyes, and I didn't want you to fall in love with the woman there, either. You could have fallen in love, and fallen in love with her, and fall in love. But, you didn't want to go that way. You wanted to go to the bed where I had placed my tent, and to lay there, in your favorite drag, comfortably." He grinned, and said: "I made a mistake in thinking that you would have a wet blanket, and a wet tent, with me beside you. You have to move, and get used to the new position." I was so confused, I could not give him an answer, and just kept on falling back to the door.

The door was rolled up quickly, and the heavy door frame pulled open, and I was forced inside. The wet blanket was cool to the touch, and I found my tent was completely dry. The dampness was invigorating, and I was glad that Cory had already completed his business, leaving only me standing here, dumbfounded, in the dark. I was glad that Cory was still breathing, as I still feared he might be killed, or captured. I just stood, there, in the cool darkness, my damp underpants all wet, my swollen cock standing straight out, again… nothing to be so sure of, I suppose… but something about being alone, and being able to feel that 'big' somehow, well, made me want to come. I wanted to come as badly as I could, and try to enjoy the moment, just to feel the throbbing on my cock… even if it only lasted for a moment.

I rose, slightly, onto my elbows, and put my hands on my sides, to help me get my hardon again… I was so swollen, I could not really get my hand on any deeper than necessary, because of the blanket that covered us. But I did have the damp tent that night, and I could not help rubbing off some of the old cum onto my cheek. I left my behind, and ran my hands up from my rubber boots to my hips… felt my breasts as I did so, and just felt amazed at how big and light I already was, in the dark. Slowly, sensually, I moved my hands up from my jeans, and began to undo my mask. I could feel myself turning beet red, with embarrassment, as I realized that I was most probably going to have to go into the building, and get dressed.