I'm wise and colorful
And smart
And entertaining
I'm a natural leader
Who always seems to be best
Even in tough times
Leading a loose crowd is my vice
I'd rather be a loose woman
Than a true man
We're just friends who get along
And one day hopefully we'll be
Like you and I
Pretending I'm offended when people
Pretending I'm offended when people use words
That's why I'm not impressed when people use my
photo ID when I talk to them like this
I'm flattered but not really
Envious of people like that
Who think they're the right people
And feel they have to take what I say
And change it to make me feel even less

I'd rather be a wild animal than a pigeon
I'll bite your neck out
But I'll fly away before you get hurt
You're probably thinking the opposite
But you don't seem to be around
So I hoped up you were feeling hurt
Although I feel really bad
And wanted to bring you down
You know you were hurt
You were tricked into thinking that
You were sinned against God
Just because you are gay
Doesn't mean I believe what you say