This site is for information on the most talented female artist of our century, Cyndi Lauper. I warn you, this page is a blatant plug for Cyndi Lauper, who deserves more than a Grammy and an Emmy for her vast talents, as a singer and an actress. For those of you who love Cyndi, good, you are among the enlightened crowd. For those of you who don't, I feel sorry for you. Go out and buy her music immediately and discover for yourself how vastly talented she is. Cyndi Lauper was born June 20th. 1953. That makes her a Gemini/Cancer, a fact that is reflected in the eclectic, haunting nature of her music. Her first album was She's So Unusual, which was a HUGE success. She was the first female artist to have 4 top 10 hits on a debut album. Her single, Time After Time hit #1 and was (and still is) a beautiful, haunting ballad. This song was re-made in the 90's by Inoj, but the original was much better, in my opinion.

Her second album, True Colors (which she referrred to on the radio once as Her Metric Companion), produced the beautiful, lyrical and somewhat sad True Colors, her third number 1 hit. This song was remade by Phil Collins in the 90's. I was fortunate enough to catch him performing it live, and afterwards, Cyndi herself was on the phone, saying she liked it! Phil seemed a little taken aback being compared to the original artist. She requested a song from him. That shows that her songs have staying power, and that someone thought it good enough to remake today.

Her own first hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was remade by Cyndi Lauper herself as Hey Now (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) and it soared all the way to #4 in England, and made the soundtrack of To Wong Foo, a funny drag queen movie. The video to Hey Now stars all kinds of drag queens looking fabulous with Cyndi, sporting yellow hair. It's kind of neat that she herself redid the song, and that it got some attention here and overseas.

Cyndi's talent has remained constant to the present day. Her later albums in the 1990's, including her greatest hits album Twelve Deadly Cyns- and Then Some demonstrate her ongoing musical genius. You may not know that Cyndi Lauper has a huge gay following, but she does. We have had many fans come out to us about her over the years, many of them being her friends from school or work. Her friends have included Dennis the Magic Magician, the late Bob and Stephanie Anne, among others. Her concert, The Night Comes Still, had platinum selling tickets, yet the show was delayed many times because of poor ticket sales. When she finally did play the show, it was a huge success.

Her concert, which was taped for global audiences, was the only one in centre in which every single song was performed live. The show lasted for a good length of time, and was well received by both audiences. A couple of the songs, including "Pretty Hurts," were actually sung by the late Amy Grant, who was incredibly talented. She was best known for her song, "You Don't Know" which was performed live in 1997.

For those of you who find yourself over-enthusiastic about Cyndi's career, you may want to check out, for a very limited time, a cassette named TEN, which was produced by Danger Mouse. It is of the same caliber as that songbird in the tree, and is available for just a little while, before it is too much.

Her album, which was remade by Cyndi Lauper herself, reached number 1 in England, and was well received by both critics and audiences. She performed Ten on the wonderful Cyndi Lauper Show, and showcased her amazing tour-de-forcerixion, enchantinig capability, with this presentation of her album, entitled "More Than Words Can Say." Click here to view the songlist for this web-projectile.

Also check out this site, which is a Cyndi Lauper video archive This is a lovely website, from which I gleaned three pictures of Cyndi. Be sure to visit and see the vast collection of pictures of Cyndi Lauper from her various television appearances.