So you are new to mp3s and want to learn how to download them via the easiest way possible....IRC? Well you've come to the right place my friend. Here I will give you simple easy instructions on how to find almost any mp3 you could ever want!

First off the easiest program out there to use to get mp3s is mIRC. For the few still not using it download it now at

Now when you enter an mp3 channel similar to the one above if you are new to this it will be very confusing. A typical IRC MP3 channel will look something like this:

Half of this screen are "bots" serving out mp3 and the other half are people downloading them. To determine which is which lets go through a few quick rules of the road as to how these channels are run.

All files are downloaded with the following trigger format "!"trigger=value" format Where the "!" trigger is anywhere on a line, it is what the bot uses to request an mp3 from the server. All file requests are sent in the "!call me via IRC!" trigger format. This is essentially a "who's who" list of people who are requesting an mp3. To send me a file you must have the "nickname" of the file itself plus the file size. All file requests are returned in the form of "%sock=%sock" format with ".exe" extension. Any ".exe" extension made after the request will be ignored.

The ".exe" extension is most often used to get mp3s from outside the corresponding party and I recommend you use the "@find your distro" command to find mp3s hosted in the "@find my distro" program. You will probably want to also check out the "@find my distro" feature in Options -> Miscellaneous -> High Quality Audio where the "@find my distro" command can be used to get high quality audio files from all sources.

You may have a file list from another program or server and a need to download them from that server. You may also have a need to upload them to a personal server (unless you are the uploader). You will probably want to create a ".txt" directory as a place where you can get them from. This can be a very convenient place to store file lists. It is also a good idea to get started on a fresh installation of any program you may have installed.

There are also many other simple and effective ways of getting mp3s from the web. I have found several on-line services that allow you to get mp3s in bulk for a low price. Use these sites until you find a price that works well with your taxes and lets me know via e-mail if you are using them.